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11 Ways to Enhance Your Tax Office Marketing Now

Whether you run a tax company or are self-employed, delivering reliable services is only half your job. You also need to ensure that as many people know about your services as possible. This means you need to invest in marketing for accounting services. Marketing a tax office is a lot more complicated nowadays than it used to be. Things are changing quite fast, so you can have a difficult time keeping up with the changes. Here are some of the things you can do as part of your marketing for accounting services to get a lot of clients.

Create an Online Marketing Strategy

Before you start investing your money into marketing for accounting services, it’s crucial to come up with an online marketing strategy. This is essentially a blueprint of how your tax office will market and advertise itself to your target audience. For instance, you need to figure out who you want to reach and how you are going to reach them. For instance, are you trying to reach lidar technology companies or construction software consultants? You must also decide how much money you are willing to invest to reach your target audience.

While you can start investing in marketing for accounting services without a marketing strategy, coming up with a strategy beforehand will maximize your success. A strategy is like a map, and without it, it can be difficult to get good results. With a marketing strategy, you will know how to manage your campaign day-to-day.

Create a Professionally Designed Website

As a tax office, you need to have an informative and well-designed website. The best way to get your website up and running is to hire website design services for accountants. Individuals and businesses will need to know as much as possible about your business before they can trust you with their information. Nowadays, most people and businesses turn to the internet to find information about the businesses they want to hire. This is why you need to have a well-organized, attractive website that will tell all your clients what they need to know about your tax office.

Your website needs to include details about the qualifications of your team, certifications, experience, and areas of expertise. It must also include various interactive tools that enable clients to contact you via email, phone, or social media. Most of all, a tax office website needs to feature a lot of content that demonstrates your industry expertise and, therefore, your ability to assist your clients with tax issues.

On your website, you also need to answer the following questions:

  • What type of work have you done for your previous clients?
  • What’s your approach to the tax season and other situations?
  • What are your answers to frequently asked questions about tax?

It’s crucial to include sections that contain all this information on your website.

Content Marketing

As mentioned previously, anyone who is thinking of hiring you will probably want to know what you are doing. While they can get a sense of who you are and what you do by going through your credentials, they will get a better or clearer picture if you provide useful and helpful information. This is an effective strategy to make clients believe that you are the best at what you do.

Creating blog posts, videos, and articles as part of your tax office marketing strategy gives you a chance to help potential clients. On the other hand, it also creates a platform for you to show off your expertise.

When creating content, you need to focus on the topics that you know are relevant to your prospective clients. This is why you can’t afford to not have a blog section on your website. You need to update your blog frequently so that people can keep coming back to you. Apart from having your own blog, you can also post guest blog content on other websites. However, you should only focus on sites that attract the kinds of prospects you want to reach. Keep in mind that corporate prospects and temp services don’t visit the same sites as small business owners, those forming a new business or high net worth, individuals. If you are not sure how to go about content creation, you must consider investing in content marketing services for accountants.

Host Webinars

While individuals and businesses need accounting services, they usually turn to the internet to find answers to certain questions so they can try to do things on their own. You can take advantage of this opportunity by creating blogs, videos, and articles on things like tax and flat fee billing service. This goes a long way in answering the questions of clients. However, you can add another dimension to this relationship by hosting webinars.

A webinar presents a great opportunity to draw the attention of potential clients and establish your firm’s credibility. However, for it to give you impressive results, you need to choose a proper topic and target audience. Your timing is also important. For instance, a webinar on taxes would perform better between January and the middle of April. Unlike in-person seminars, your clients and potential clients will be able to do webinars over and over again. This means the webinar will continue to generate leads for you long after you have finished hosting it.

If you want to get the most out of your webinar, you need to make it available for replay for a considerable period. Just because some people failed to attend doesn’t mean that they are not interested in your services. Therefore, making it available for replay enables you to maximize the value and impact.

Offer Premium Content

Content marketing using blog posts is effective, but you can take things a step further with your marketing for accounting services and create premium content. You need to keep in mind that your competitors are likely to create blog posts and articles too. Therefore, you need to go beyond the basics and create content that has a longer shelf life. For instance, you can create an ebook on tax issues and cloud-based CRM solutions for higher education. You can also create a downloadable workbook that will help your clients with their taxes as one of your tax office’s marketing strategies.

While this content will definitely take longer to produce, it will give you the opportunity to ask for something in return. For instance, you can offer the ebook and make it accessible after visitors provide their email addresses. While a single email address may not seem like much in exchange for something that took you a long time to create, you can invest in making the resource popular so it can keep gathering email addresses with no extra effort.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

A lot of ‘serious’ businesses mistakenly associate social media with companies that want to seem lighthearted and fun to their audience. And while you can use social media to do that, you can also use platforms like Twitter and Facebook for several other purposes. As a tax office, you can use social media to raise awareness among your potential clients. You can also use these platforms to generate new leads and reinforce your brand position. This is why social media is an important part of marketing for accounting services.

One of the most effective social media platforms for tax offices is LinkedIn. Most accountants and tax experts already have LinkedIn profiles, but the majority of them need some serious updates. Your potential clients will find you on LinkedIn and they will connect with you. This is one of the most effective ways to build out your network in the online world. You must make sure that the experience section on your profile is up to date. You also need to provide a brief description of what you do and who you help.

Join LinkedIn Groups in Your Niche

LinkedIn is more than a social media platform. It’s also a professional network. This is why you need to join several LinkedIn groups in your target market as part of your marketing for accounting services. This is one of the easiest ways to build your network and get more clients. For instance, you can target groups of small business groups in your area by searching for ‘your location – small business.’ It’s important to keep in mind that even if you are good at what you do, you won’t make a lot of money as a tax office if people are not aware that you exist. This is why your efforts should be directed towards ensuring that everyone in your location and on the internet knows about your business and the services you provide.

Create a Tax Newsletter

This is one of the most effective tactics when it comes to marketing for accounting services. After using content to get some emails, you need to create a tax newsletter. A tax newsletter can enable you to get in front of your audience more often. It can also help you create and foster strong business relationships if you manage to do it right.

A newsletter is also an effective way to alert your audience that you have new services to offer. By simply mentioning the new services in your newsletter, you will start getting some inquiries. To start off with your newsletter, you can add your existing clients to the mailing list. You can then focus on using premium content and your website to grow your subscriber base.

If you want your newsletter to be impactful, you need to be consistent. Your reader needs to know when they will get your next letter. This means you will have more success if you keep sending the emails on the precise same day and time. It’s also crucial to pick a theme for your newsletter. Your readers need to know exactly what they are getting each time they get your newsletter.

Use Viral Press Releases

Another effective way to market your tax office would be to use viral press releases. However, this technique can be a bit gimmicky and tough to hit. The good thing is that if you manage to pull it off, you will be getting a lot of leads. On the other hand, you must also be prepared for the tactic to flop sometimes.

Keep Track of Your Marketing Metrics

If you are investing in marketing for accounting services, you need to have an idea of how effective your methods are. The best way to do this is to track your key marketing metrics. Some of the basic metrics you can track include website traffic and engagement. This will enable you to find out how many people are visiting your website and engaging with your tax office online. To determine whether these visitors are turning into paying clients, you can take a look at your conversion rate. If you have a lot of visitors but few paying clients, it means you need to invest more into trying to convert visitors into clients.

Keyword Research

One of the things that you have to invest in when it comes to marketing for accounting services is keyword research. Keywords are how search engines know what your business is about. This is why SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most effective ways to get organic traffic to your website.

If you target the relevant keywords and incorporate them into your articles and blog posts, you will be able to appear higher on search engine result pages, and your business will be visible to more people. And, considering that more than 75% of internet users never search past the first page of Google results, you need to ensure that you stay on the first page if you want people to find you.

To get your SEO right, you need to find the keywords that customers are using to find businesses like yours. For instance, your clients may be searching using something like ‘tax office in [your town/city]’ and ‘help with taxes.’ Investing in keyword research also ensures that you don’t end up with the wrong audience on your website.

For instance, you won’t benefit from anything if your website starts getting attention from people looking for restraining orders or sample trust documents. Fortunately, there are a lot of sites and SEO tools that you can use to identify useful terms that will help you rank higher up on search engine result pages.

Marketing for accounting services is crucial if you want your business to grow. People can only hire your services if they know that your business exists. This means you need to make sure that you are easily discoverable to those who are searching for the services you provide.