3 Semi-Truck Accidents in 3 Weeks at the Same Spot on I-75 in Southwest Detroit

Three semi-trucks were involved in two separate accidents on the same stretch of highway last Tuesday morning in southwest Detroit.

The first accident took place on southbound I-75 near Schaefer. A Fed Ex truck experienced a sudden malfunction and flipped over, spilling packages across the busy road.

Southbound lanes were closed as crews retrieved the spilled items and reloaded them into another vehicle. No injuries were reported, but cleanup did take longer than usual.

Just as the area was finally starting to clear up, two semi-trucks collided just a mile away on northbound I-75 at Dearborn St.

What’s strange about these incidents is the frequency at which accidents have been occurring in this particular stretch of the interstate. Only three weeks prior, police arrived on the scene of another accident involving a semi-truck that crashed through the barrier of I-75 and landed below the freeway near Dearborn St.

According to Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw, the semi was driving in the left lane when another vehicle cut him off. The semi driver swerved onto the left shoulder and hit the median wall, which caused him to lose control of the truck. After veering across all of the northbound lanes, he crashed right through the barrier of the bridge and landed on the ground below.

Fortunately, the semi-truck did not hit any other vehicles and surprisingly, the driver sustained no injuries.

“For you to flip over in a semi and live … you have to believe in God,” said the driver, local resident Jonathan Taylor.

It was truly astounding that no injuries or fatalities occurred as a result of any of these three serious crashes. While 20.2% of workplace fatalities in 2013 were due to construction related accidents, driving a truck was cited by the U.S. Labor Department as the most hazardous occupation last year. In fact, in 2014, of the 15.5 million trucks operating in the U.S., 725 tractor-trailer drivers were fatally injured on the job.