3D-Printed Engagement Rings Give Brides the Option to Try Before They Buy

ringPeople love going into stores and trying engagement rings on, but if you want a custom-designed ring, you may not be able to get the feel of it before you invest. Online engagement shoppers are putting even more on the line. Generally, they don’t even get to touch a ring like theirs before they order it.

Fortunately for engagement ring shoppers, 3D printing is set to change that. 3D printing is already used for rocket parts and prosthetic arms, and now it’s looking to change the online shopping experience as well.

Online engagement ring sellers at Brilliance.com added their new 3D printing option three months ago when they realized how difficult shopping online for such a big investment can be.

The new option allows customers to build rings online then print them in 3D. They can receive them by mail in 3D plastic or get the file to print them out on a home 3D printer. This means that customers can see, feel and even wear the ring before committing to buy it.

86% of brides believe that the overall design of an engagement ring design is the most important factor, However, many people only think they know the difference between a round cut, a princess cut or a radiant cut and get an unpleasant surprise when they realize that their diamond doesn’t look like they thought it would.

The company offers 3D printed sampler packs for brides to figure out ring sizes, carat weight and jewel cut completely free with no commitment. All you have to do is give them your address and wait for the 3D-printed rings to show up at your door.

Many customers have reported wearing their 3D printed rings for hours at a time to experience what their wedding ring could feel like. It enhances the excitement of getting a real wedding ring and ensures that you won’t get stuck with one you don’t quite like.