Artists are Taking to NYC Rooftops to Raise Awareness About Clean Water Shortage

waterThe New York City skyline is one of the most iconic views in the world. The skyline was notably altered through the loss of the World Trade Center Towers, and the new One World Trade Center tower constructed in their place, but acclaimed artists are helping change that iconic skyline once again through a ubiquitous yet often-overlooked element of that skyline: rooftop water-tanks.

The Water Tank Project sees artwork by acclaimed artists as well as New York City public school students wrapped around rooftop water tanks throughout New York City. The original work is scanned and printed on large banners that are then wrapped around the tanks.

Filmmaker Mary Jordan was shooting a documentary in a village in Ethiopia when she became seriously ill with a waterborne disease. The woman of the village nursed her back to health, and made her promise that she would raise awareness about Ethiopia’s lack of clean water and constant threat of waterborne disease.

The Bronx-raised Jordan thought New York City’s many water tanks would make the perfect billboard to raise awareness of Ethiopia’s plight.

“There are over 10,000 of them in New York and we walk around and so many people don’t understand what they do and why they are there and they’ve never changed for 150 years,” Jordan told an ABC news affiliate in NYC.

The project, paid for through donations and grants, is receiving enthusiastic support from the landlords Jordan approaches about using their water tanks.

“I think this is another reason to look up again and to feel positive and inspired and be proactive about doing something in our own community,” Jordan said.

There’s no better canvas for these artists to be working with. New York City’s skyscrapers, bridges, waterways, islands and monuments come together to create a breathtaking panorama that is instantly recognizable worldwide.

The Empire State Building and Rockefeller Plaza’s Top of the Rock provide beautiful views of the city for tourists. But the skyline can be enjoyed for more than just a quick selfie opportunity. Many New Yorkers are using the iconic New York skyline for a memorable backdrop for parties and special events.

Venues offering rooftop spaces overlooking the beautiful New York City skyline have become the prime location for everything from corporate events to weddings. City View Racquet Club and Event Space offers just such a view, located at the top of the iconic Swingline Stapler building in Long Island City, just minutes from midtown Manhattan.

“All of the views looking to the left here are literally the skyline of Manhattan. Sitting in a lounge inside or sitting outside, the panoramic view of Manhattan itself is breathtaking. Getting to hang out and appreciate the view is fantastic, rooftop views are great for corporate gatherings and barmitzvahs,” says Mike Cash, Managing Director of Cityview Racquet.

Now admirers will be able to enjoy original rooftop artwork dotting the New York City skyline, in among the iconic skyscrapers and monuments. A great view, for a great cause.