Is Hiring a DUI Attorney Really Worth the Cost?

Given the serious nature of a DIU, it’s crucial to hire the best DUI attorney so that you can keep the odds of an unfavorable charge low. They can help you navigate the process and also answer questions that you may have, including “can you get a DUI for anything other than alcohol?” The right professional can bail you out even if you were caught driving while as drunk as drunk could be. They’ll ensure that you know the phrases you might hear in court, including what a DUI blow is.

Make sure to also do your own research so that it’s easier for your lawyer to help you. If you spot any issues that need to be addressed, let your attorney know so that they can take the right measures. Learn about the possible outcomes you can expect so that you can prepare yourself mentally.

If you’re asked to attend a rehabilitative program, it’s going to be for your own good down the road. During this whole process, you might come across terms and phrases like “you drink you drive you lose.” In the end, keep in mind that this is one of the worst offenses you could commit on the road and never repeat it.

UPDATED 7/1/2020

Hiring a DUI attorney can be one of the smartest choices you make. A DUI lawyer has the expertise to help you get the outcome that you want. The first phone call you should make after you post bail for a DUI should be about hiring a DUI attorney. A drunk driving defense lawyer can improve your chances of keeping your license and staying out of jail. A DUI is a serious charge, getting professional DUI legal advice is crucial.

DUI is a serious charge that can come with some serious punishments. Before you finish paying off all the auto repair services (because your insurance may not cover the costs if there was a DUI involved), take some money and put it toward hiring a DUI attorney. Pay the traffic violation bail bonds then get that DUI specialist attorney.

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DUI Can Equal Serious Penalties

A lot of people are under the misconception that their first DUI is no big deal. Some people think that things do not start getting tough until they have had several DUI’s as far as punishment goes. Thinking that way is a terrible mistake.

Some DUI first time offenders wind up with pretty tough sentences that can include a stint in a residential alcohol rehab program, heavy fines, loss of their license for years, and more. Unfortunately, funeral homes see a lot of business from people that have died from a car accident injury that was caused by a DUI. The courts can be very tough when it comes to punishing those convicted of DUI even when it is the first time. Getting appropriate DUI representation can help you navigate this legal mine field.

You May Think What’s The Worst That Can Happen

The worst that can happen can be life-altering for the rest of your life. Paying for bail bonds services to get out of the clink after a DUI charge is just the beginning of your journey. There is a lot more to come.

The outcome largely depends on the circumstances of the DUI. For example, if you were involved in an accident and there was only minor auto repair damage to just your car, the court may go lighter on your sentence if you paid out of pocket and did not have your car insurance company pay it for you.

On the other end of the spectrum if you were involved in a car accident that involved other people, and anyone was injured, the punishment can be very harsh. You could be charged with manslaughter if the accident resulted in a fatality. You could be facing long jail time, and other penalties. In cases like this, retaining a good criminal DUI lawyer is the most important thing you can do.

Of course, hiring a DUI attorney is a good idea in any situation because they know how to present your case to the court and they know what it takes to get the best possible outcomes in all situations. The DUI legal advice from local DUI lawyers can be invaluable.

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Typical Outcomes

Most states have sentencing guidelines for DUI convictions that can mean:

  • Revocation of your driver’s license for a year or more.
  • Fines and penalties payable to the court and your department of motor vehicle.
  • Community probation, alcohol abuse classes, and other penalties.

Traffic violations bonds are only the start of the costs when it comes to potential expenses related to DUI charges. It can get really expensive quickly. If your license is revoked, you will have to pay for people to drive you around. The fines and penalties can also be high dollar. Hiring a DUI attorney can help to keep some of the costs down.

Of course, hiring a DUI attorney can also mean getting limited licensing priviledges restored so that you do not have to request rides from family and friends or pay for a ride service. Having the assistance of experienced DUI representation can really pay off. Average DUI attorney fees may seem steep the day after your arrest, but consider the term ramifications, both legally and financially, before thinking you can go it alone.

Hiring a DUI attorney can also help you get better outcomes when it comes to how much in fines you will have to pay. The cost savings can be tremendous when you have an experienced DUI lawyer that can speak up for you and explain your financial situation and maybe even get you a payment plan to pay your fines and fees. Some drivers balk at the costs associated with a DUI consultation, however, the savings that can come from limited fines can make the DUI legal advice cheaper in the long run.

Community service sentences including community probation can also affect your lifestyle tremendously. Paying community probation fees every month and having to pay for classes is another expense you can face with a DUI conviction. Having a DUI specialist attorney represent you can help you to get a shorter community sentence and thereby help you to save on costs.

Ultimately at the end of the day, there will be some type of punishment from the court if you are convicted of a DUI. In most cases, it is usually a combination of punishments that you will have to contend with. The goal is always to make sure that you experience the least amount of punishment.

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Other Fall Out From a DUI Conviction

Unfortunately, legal repercussions do not end in the courtroom. A DUI conviction can jeopardize your employment and:

  • Jeopardize professional licensure.
  • Jeopardize your job.
  • Affect relationships, housing options, and more.

A DUI conviction can be really difficult to overcome. The punishment does not end with the court case. Your professional license can be in jeopardy with a DUI conviction. You can lose your job if your job requires that you maintain a drivers license.

Losing your job on top of having to pay hefty fines can be financially devastating, and if you do not pay the fines than you will likely have to serve some jail time in lieu of paying the fines. Things can spiral out of control rather quickly without the help of a drunk driving defense lawyer.

Hiring a DUI attorney can improve your outcome which can help you to avoid some of the negative fallout. While no attorney can guarantee an outcome they do have the expertise to help you get a better outcome.

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It is Cost Effective

A good attorney is certainly not free, in fact average DUI attorney fees have been known to cause sticker shock, but when you consider the costs and repercussions of a DUI conviction you can see how hiring a drunk driving defense lawyer is the more cost-effective option. Being able to keep your license or at least get a limited license to allow you to travel back and forth to work, in and of itself can be worth the cost of an attorney.

A DUI specialist attorney is required to move in your best interest. Hiring an attorney may be one of the most cost effective ways to manage a DUI charge. An investment in DUI legal advice is something you will never regret.

Best Outcomes

Not all DUI charges end in a conviction. In some cases when you have experienced DUI representation on your side, the attorney is able to come to an agreement with the prosecutor to break the charges down to a lesser charge. For example, a lesser charge could be reckless driving.

When a plea deal is made there is still some type of punishment like a fine, but the punishment is significantly less. For example, a reckless driving charge may put points on your license but your license will not be suspended for a predetermined amount of time.

Can lawyers for DUI cases guarantee that your charge will be broken down to a lesser charge? No, it does not, but it does make it possible. Working on your own trying to come to a deal with the district attorney will most likely not be an option.

Going it Alone

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to navigate a DUI charge on your own. For the court, it is business as usual. They have a very clear cut black and white approach to how punishment should be doled out.

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An attorney is a court officer that is trusted by the court personnel which means if you had extenuating circumstances, that information is better received if it comes from an officer of the court. Local DUI lawyers with a good reputation at the court house can speak on your behalf and present information on your behalf that is far more likely to be believed.

When you consider how many people come to court each day with a story to tell, you can understand why accepting information from defendants may not be very well received by the prosecutor, judge or jury. A criminal DUI lawyer is bound to tell the truth by the oath that they take. When you attorney presents information on your behalf the prosecutor, judge, and jury is far more likely to listen.

Of course, a good drunk driving defense lawyer has the experience to know what a winning strategy looks like. They have tried cases just like yours before and they know how to use the law to your advantage. When you walk in that courtroom alone, you are really risking a positive outcome.

DUI attorneys have a network of legal professionals that they can tap into to get advice, formulate winning strategies, and discuss legal support from the laws that are in place. The prosecutor from your case has a team of lawyers that are ready to convict you. You need to even the playing field by ensuring that you have your own team ready to fight for your rights.

Each Case is Different

While there are many cases of people being charged with DUI, the circumstance in each case is different. An attorney can ferret out the merits of your case and develop a strategy based on those particular facts.

There are many different things that affect the case. For example, when you meet for your DUI consultation, your attorney will ask you some questions including:

  • Where did the incident occur? Were you pulled over? Where you stopped at a DUI check point? This information is important because it will help your attorney formulate a strategy.
  • Was there an accident? If there was your attorney will ask more questions relative to the accident and whether there were injuries or property damage.
  • Typically before you are charged with a DUI some testing will be done. Your attorney will ask you questions about which tests you took. Where were the tests administered? This is also important information because there is a process in place when it comes to testing.

Your attorney will collect the information, analyze it, and proceed to come up with a strategy to defend you. A lot of people that are charged with a DUI are not aware that often a technicality can get them off. Police officers make mistakes all the time, and those mistakes can be in violation of your constitutional rights.

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Being accused of a DUI is not the same as being convicted of a DUI. You still have the opportunity to defend yourself, as a matter of fact, this is the United States where you are innocent until proven guilty. A criminal DUI lawyer will ensure that your rights have been protected. Including the right to a jury trial.

Having someone that is an expert in the law can help you to get the protections that you need. Without an attorney, the prosecutor and court can take advantage of your lack of knowledge. The prosecutor is not on your side they are on the side of the state. They will fight to convict you even when there are clearly some violations made in the arrest and how it was handled.

A Great Defense

Not every DUI charge turns into a conviction because of a great defense. Having an attorney can mean having the defense that you need to walk away without being convicted. For example, if you were taking cold medication, you could seem to be drunk and may even be charged with a DUI but it may just be the effects of the medication that you were not aware would make you drowsy. A lawyer can build an entire defense based on the fact that you were not intoxicated but instead had taken medication that made you drowsy.

Your attorney will know what the best avenue to take. Without an attorney it can be challenging if not impossible to defend yourself. Court clerks and others are not typically helpful when it comes to a pro se defense.

Of course every great defense is backed by documents and paperwork that has to be filed with the court. Those documents and paperwork filings have to be done to specific rules and regulations. If they are not, you can be up against new problems.

Hiring a DUI Attorney is The Best Option

There is no doubt in every state a DUI charge is a serious charge and one that is worthy of seeking out the help of an experienced attorney for. If you have been charged with a DUI your future literally is hanging in the balance, get the support of a crack legal team to even out the scales.