Celebrities Are Human Beings, Argue Over Remote

ellie_gouldingElectronic dance music star Ellie Goulding and boyfriend Dougie Poynter, singer/songwriter of pop-rock band McFly have been dating for a few months now, but trouble for the celebrity couple looms over the horizon–the two can’t agree over what shows to watch.

“He will not watch Geordie Shore and I absolutely love it so that’s been a big debating point for us,” said Goulding. “He just doesn’t get why I find it amusing but he’s right into Game of Thrones.”

Though she confessed that she’s finally starting to get into the fantasy show that’s gripping audiences worldwide, she’s not as into it as her new beaux. She added that, “He’s got the special badges he wears that he bought at some geek shop in Manchester. I’ve started watching it and am loving it but I’m way behind and trying to catch up to him.”

While control over the TV controls might seem like a small and petty issue, it’s actually the number one thing that most couples fight over. According to 60 Minutes, a surprising 36% of couples jockey for who gets power over the remote, bickering about what show they’ll watch next.

“A good remedy for this situation would be to have a second remote control available, that way the controls can be easily snatched to change programming. This also means it’s easier to change the show when your partner is up getting the pizza, plus – if your remote is missing your world doesn’t come to an end. A plan B remote is always a good idea for the worst case scenarios.”  Bob Wallace of Remotes.com where you can always buy plan B remotes.

When Goulding isn’t watching the British equivalent of Jersey Shore or political strife unfold across the kingdoms of Westeros, she’s working on her new album.

“I’ve written a lot of songs about relationships and break-ups,” explained Goulding. “I feel like my next album is going to be about something completely different.”

The performer whose song, “Lights,” reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 said that she’s currently interested in nature and science. Goulding said, “I’m reading about the beginning of the universe and also watching documentaries and loving David Attenborough – his voice and his knowledge is amazing.”

“If I could somehow utilize [Attenborough’s] voice in a recording with me, it would be awesome,” said Goulding. “A chance to make a point with my music and his authority.”