The Changing Face of the Travel Industry Amidst the Growth of Online Marketing

travelindustryOnline marketing has changed the way companies all over the world target and reach customers, and techniques that used to work are now falling to the wayside.

Where TV and billboard ads once dominated the advertising scene, mobile apps and various online marketing techniques have taken over. For many advertising and marketing companies, interruption used to be a tried-and-true tactic for grabbing consumers’ attention, but the Internet has allowed them to further segment their audience and slip in relevant ads based on their interests and online habits. Today, it’s not so much about being the loudest, but more about being the most relevant.

One industry in particular that has been affected by this change is the travel industry. For travel companies, it has become more important than ever to use a more streamlined and targeted marketing approach. With the travel industry becoming more competitive, the need to focus ads and marketing techniques at customers who will find them relevant is crucial.

Travelers come from all different backgrounds, and they have different needs. A family looking for a leisurely vacation will not be interested in the same type of travel information as a business person traveling strictly for work. Leisure travelers are likely to respond better to emotional marketing tactics, while businessmen can be more effectively targeted with direct and straightforward messages.

While travel companies are well aware of these differences, they weren’t always able to choose which type of traveler was exposed to their various advertising and marking techniques. Online marketing, however, has changed that.

Companies are now able to follow their customers around the Internet, learning their likes and dislikes and gaining a better understanding of what their specific needs are. For example, when a search engine user types “cheap flights” into a search query, marketing companies can re-target the banners and ads that show up on their screens to focus on topics that have to do with budget traveling.

Another key area that the travel industry has been able to tap into is mobile apps. With more and more people carrying around smartphones these days, a growing number of online searches and purchases are being made through mobile devices. Many travelers are constantly on the go and end up making last minute travel plans. By providing these customers with easy-to-use apps, travel companies can not only retain their current customers, but attract new ones, as well.

The travel business has a lot to gain from online marketing, especially with the ability to re-target advertising and marketing tactics based on varying consumer interests. As the Internet becomes an increasingly important marketing tool, the travel industry is well prepared to adjust to future changes.