Charging Your Phone Is a Little Less Dangerous With Znaps Magnetic Cable Adapter

znapsSmartphones can pretty much do anything for you these days: they’re mini arcades, video cameras, digital to-do lists, music players — many people even liken smartphone shopping apps to virtual retail malls, and it’s estimated that at least 50% of consumers today consider their smartphones to be their main platform for accessing the internet.

The catch? Every single feature worth using is something that zaps your phone’s battery life, and if you want to keep using your phone throughout the day, you’ll find yourself carrying around a charging cord as well.

The main problem here is the dreaded power cable — AKA, the advanced version of a tripwire, used (maybe accidentally, or maybe on purpose) in college libraries across the country during midterms and finals.

One Kickstarter project called Znaps is taking a proactive approach to this problem and has developed an adapter that would turn a normal Apple charging port into what Business Insider calls “a magnetic charger.”

According to Tech Times, a small magnetic adapter fits into the charging Lightning port of an iPhone or a miniUSB port of an Android phone, and another magnetic adapter fits over the cable’s connector. Instead of fitting the cable into the charging port — which is one of the more difficult tasks to accomplish when there’s no light or when you’re driving — the cable will immediately snap into place through the magnetic connection between the adapters.

If the phone is pulled when it’s still charging — or when someone trips over the cord in the library — the cable disconnects immediately without causing any damage to the phone itself.

A similar product called MagSafe is already on the market, but it’s only compatible with MacBook chargers. Znaps will be the first of its kind compatible with phone chargers, and if the Kickstarter campaign is any indication, smartphone users are anxiously waiting for this product to appear.

According to Business Insider, the Kickstarter campaign for Znaps raised $437,295 within a matter of days — going 464% over Znaps’s initial funding goal of $94,221; just one day later, and with 23 days left for the Kickstarter campaign, that funding reached well over $674,000.