Cities Slated To Save Tens of Thousands With New LED Street Lights

ledlightsCities all over the globe are swapping out street lights with incandescent bulbs for energy- and cost-efficient LED alternatives. The transition — while costly at first — may easily save cities tens of thousands of dollars, according to The Milan News-Leader. “Lights which last 25 years are cutting Jersey’s street lighting bill in half and may improve road safety,” BBC News continued.

Street works manager Bob Baudains estimates that LED bulbs last up to 100,000 hours. LED street lights are convenient and require very little maintenance, Baudains adds. Police officers are also optimistic about the new lights, suggesting that the somewhat increased brightness will make residents safer.

“There seems to be a fashion for wearing dark clothes and anything which helps car drivers see people in dark clothes is a great idea,” officer Philip Blake told BBC.


Hudson, Ohio spokeswoman Jody Roberts agrees. “The LEDs offer a more vivid daylight appearance and will improve visibility for vehicles, pedestrians and businesses,” Roberts said. The Ohio city is undergoing a $800,000 project to replace incandescent bulbs on public streets with LED lighting. Officials are confident the cost savings over time will be well worth it.

In residential areas, adds, LED lighting may actually increase property value. In addition to all of the benefits, experts add that LED bulbs are very similar — with slight differences only. Bulbs let off “a brighter white rather than the yellow light emitted by the more common high pressure sodium lights,” explains.