Cosmetic Dentist Repairs Smile of 20-Year-Old Who Lost Front Teeth in Car Crash

Many people who have been to the dentist will agree that it is not a pleasant experience a lot of the time, but it is necessary. Dental health is very important, as it is connected to other aspects of health, such as heart health. In addition, if your teeth are not in good shape, you can be in a lot of pain in some cases.

If you do not have a lot of experience with going to the dentist, you might have many questions about finding the one you need. For example, you might wonder, should I find a specialist, or would one who works in general dentistry be okay for my situation? How am I supposed to find a dentist in my area who can help me on short notice? Is it easy to find a good dentist in my area? Who is the best general dentist who will be willing to work with me? Where can I find affordable dental care in my area? You might be able to find the answers to these questions by doing your own research, as the answers are going to vary from place to place. You might want to talk to different dentist’s offices and see what they all have to offer.

Your dentist has the ability to do so much more than just cleaning your teeth and getting rid of cavities. While finding the best dental hygienist near me and the best dental doctor can make a big difference in your experience, what your dentist offers also makes a difference. One pediatric dentist took the time to go above and beyond to offer their patient a new lease on life. A patient came in with missing front teeth that had been lost in a car accident, and this dentist went above and beyond to offer one of the best dental jobs possible and repair the teeth.

Your dentist has the ability to completely transform your smile and with the best dental products, they can give you the smile that you have always wanted. Taking the time to talk with your dentist and ask about possible procedures can really help you determine what dentist is going to work for you. There are tons of dentists out there that have the ability to change lives and to give patients the smiles that they have always dreamed of. This dentist did just that and changed the life of their young patient. If you want to find out more, keep reading.

Alex Kerr Who lost her front teeth in a bicycle accident.When 20-year-old advertising assistant Alex Kerr woke up from a week-long coma after she was struck by a car while cycling home last November, she discovered she had lost her smile.

The accident had knocked out six of her front teeth. And upon being transferred to Northampton General Hospital in England after she woke up from the coma, doctors told her that the National Health Service wouldn’t pay for her dental repairs. She would have to fund the repairs — some £12,000 in dental implant work — entirely by herself.

According to a July 2 Express article, Dr. Wynand de Jeger of Brooklands Dental Clinic, located near Kerr’s hometown of Milton Keynes, read about Kerr’s accident, contacted her, then offered to give her the dental implants for free.

Express reported that the materials for the implants were then donated by a dental implant manufacturer.

“This young lady is fortunate that there was a dentist in her area willing to perform the dental implant procedure pro bono,” says Dr. Charles Botbol, Lead Dentist at Studio B Dental in Toronto. “Dental implants can be expensive, but once completed the benefits can not be matched. It is as close to having your real teeth as you are going to get.”

Dr. de Jeger, who has appeared on TV’s Celebrity Extreme Makeover, will fit Kerr’s permanent porcelain implants in about a month, Express reported.

“It is just so nice to know that there are people out there with such a kind heart. My family just can’t believe how confident I am again,” Kerr told Express. My smile is nothing like it was after the accident. I’m really happy.”