Devastating Floods in Penn Yann, NY Prove Costly

flood-houseSpirits are not high in Penn Yann, NY. “Two devastating floods in about 72 hours were just too much for the village and its people to handle,” 13 WHAM reports. Excessive water damage left basements, homes, local businesses, and vehicles destroyed. “Water heaters, furnaces, electrical wiring all need to be replaced,” 13 WHAM continues.

Resident Pam Whitford describes the devastation, “I went to a house on Clinton Street and there is a dumpster out front, pickup trucks and it’s all gone, they lost everything.” Officials have not tallied the exact totals of the flood damage. The totals will be well above “the $26 million statewide threshold to qualify for FEMA disaster assistance,” according to The Star Gazette.

Recovery efforts are in place, even if they are falling short. Foundations are extending no-interest loans to help businesses recover. Residents can discard any damaged goods or property off at one of two debris drop off locations. Most roadways in Penn Yann have reopened to the public, officials add.

“On Monday, Red Cross volunteers were stationed in the Tops parking lot at 321 Liberty Street in Penn Yan from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. handing out water and clean-up kits,” CNY reveals. “Caseworkers will also be available to help residents with short-term and long-term recovery plans.”