Digital Cameras Have Come a Long Way In the Digital Age

digital cameraThere was a time, not so long ago, when the ability to take and store pictures on a memory card of a digital camera was considered one of the great technological advances. Gone were the days of lugging around film and having to wait while it gets developed. Just as quickly as these innovations in the camera world changed things, the industry has seen even more radical changes underway that are helping to improve the user experience.

According to Tech Radar, there are a few features in particular that have helped drive the world of digital cameras forward recently. One of the biggest is in connectivity and sharing capabilities.

For a long time digital cameras were bound by the cables, wires, and memory cards that were required to get the pictures you take from the camera onto your home computer or professional work space. While many people still take these approaches, it’s becoming increasingly antiquated to do so.

Today, wireless internet (WiFi), near field communication (NFC), and/or Bluetooth technology to get your pictures seamlessly from one device to another. In the same way many smartphones can move pictures back and forth from phone to computer, cameras can too, making it easier to then send to friends, family, or a photo editing company for enhancements. Many of these photo editing companies are also using software or workflow systems to take advantage of this new connectivity.

“Photo editing services like ours use very simple drag and drop features and integrate with Lightroom Catalog or Dropbox, drastically reducing upload time for post-production editing services,” said David Sinai, co-founder of restoration company Picsera.

Another useful feature that actually involves your smartphone is the remote shutter release most digital cameras are now coming equipped with. By connecting your camera to your smartphone, you can set up your shot with a tripod, for example, and use the smartphone in your hand to actually snap it! Undoubtedly this particular feature has become very popular with the emergence of the infamous “selfie” pictures that fill image-sharing sites, such as Instagram.

Live action cameras are also a product that’s become very popular in recent years as the quality and ability of capturing things like action sports in improved dramatically with them.

Technology has already changed the world of film and pictures a great deal over the last decade and it will be interesting to see where it goes next.