Dubai Dentists Create World’s Most Expensive Dentures: Made from Gold, Encrusted with Diamonds

denturesDubai dentists have created the world’s most expensive set of dentures: the diamond-encrusted gold teeth are worth a staggering $152,700.

However, they come with one serious caveat: they can’t be worn while eating and are purely for looks.

The dentists who created the dentures, Liberty Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE, hope to achieve a Guinness World Record when it comes to the dentures’ cost.

Dr. Majd Naji, along with the other creators, have also acquired the authenticity and clarity certificate from the World Diamond Institute in Belgium.

The dentures are made from pure 24 carat gold and use about 160 diamonds — about 2.5 carats worth.

But the dentures aren’t just for making a profit. Majd explained that the dentures are also being used to raise money for a children’s charity, the Dubai Autism Centre.

About $25,000 of the sales from each set of dentures will go toward helping the charity.

Majd explained that the inspiration for the dentures resulted from a recent survey which found that the people of the United Arab Emirates were deemed the World’s Happiest People. “I then thought of designing this beautiful piece and enhancing the smile of not just the owner but also a charity,” he said.

The goal, Majd said, was to make “the most expensive smile in the world.”

Dr. Darold Opp, owner of the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Aberdeen, S.D., said the novelty dentures aren’t that different from the real things. “Poorly fitting dentures are impossible to eat with because they are so uncomfortable and wearers have to be afraid they will come loose while they are chewing,” Dr. Opp said. “And they can be expensive, too. Going back to the dentist over and over for refitting or new dentures can ring up quite a price as well.”

The dentures are meant to be a fashion accessory, only requiring two appointments without any filling or drilling. This first set already has a female buyer from the UAE, but a second one has been ordered by someone in Qatar.

Majd is most famous for his celebrity clients, some of whom travel from across the globe in order to visit him.

Explaining the appeal of the piece, Majd added, “Who doesn’t want a sparkling smile?”