FDA Announces New Treatment for Acne Scars

bellafillAcne is an extremely common skin condition that affects most of the population at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, some people have more difficulty with this problem than others. This is especially true for people who experience acne scarring, which appears as either pitted skin or raised marks. To make matters worse, there are few effective methods to treat this side effect. However, the United States Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new dermatologist acne treatment to help patients remove their acne scars.

On January 7, the FDA announced that they had approved a new method for treating acne scars. Called Bellafill, the project is injected into the skin to add volume. The agency stated that this procedure effectively helps lift the skin and fill in pitted acne scars, matching the rest of the patient’s complexion.

Bellafill has already been reported to have extremely effective results: in a study, 64% of 87 patients who received the injections said their skin had improved six months after treatment, compared to 33% of the 46 patients who received a placebo. Additionally, 84% of the Bellafill patients said that they were “very satisfied,” “satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with the effects of the treatment. In comparison, only 54% of the placebo patients gave the same answers.

Dermatologist also reported being pleased with the results: as many as 84% of doctors judged the Bellafill patients to be “improved” or “much improved,” even without knowing which individual had received the true dosage or the placebo. Meanwhile, only 54% of dermatologists gave the same answers about the placebo patients.

The FDA’s approval of the product is an exciting change for the dermatology industry, which currently relies on cortisone and fade creams, laser and filler treatments and good skin care to heal acne scars.

Unfortunately, the cost of Bellafill might prevent some patients from receiving the procedure. Made by Suneva Medical Inc., a company based in San Francisco, the process will cost as much as $1,000 per injection. And like many cosmetic procedures, Bellafill will not be covered by insurance.