Hundreds of Used Adult Diapers Littered Alongside Rural LaPorte County Roads


Seated between the quaintness of America’s heartland and the charm of the Bible Belt, the state of Indiana is often referred to as the crossroads of America. Unfortunately, one of the state’s many crossroads has a bit of litter problem.

LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department is asking for the public’s help to find out who is dumping used adult diapers along the sides of rural roads in several Indiana townships. So far, authorities have collected more than 800 used adult diapers along the roadsides of Galena and Kankaee Townships in LaPorte Country, located just north of the city of LaPorte.

Police say there is no pattern or method in where the culprit decides to dump the used diapers, and that the area in which the diapers are being found is still growing. Authorities first began noticing individually wrapped bags containing used diapers last fall; once the snow began to melt during the spring, several more bags of dirty diapers were found scattered alongside other area roads.

As of now, police do not have any leads or suspects and are stumped as to who could possibly be doings this. However, they fully intend to prosecute whoever is responsible for the dirty deed to the fullest.

“That’s the thing that confounds us,” said Captain Mike Kellems of the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department. “There’s no reason you just couldn’t throw it in a trash can, go to a dumpster somewhere and throw it in a dumpster. Just dispose of it naturally.”

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