Jennifer Lawrence Is All of Us When It Comes to Good Pizza

PizzaSometimes, actress Jennifer Lawrence is all of us.

Unlike many celebrities, who work hard to project a perfect image, the “Hunger Games” star is refreshingly forthright about her flaws and her obsession with food. She’s been known to ask about snacks on the red carpet, and has tripped while mounting an awards-ceremony stage no fewer than three times.

In an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” this week, Lawrence told the host about one such occasion, the “disastrous” evening of the 2013 Oscars.

“I had a whole meltdown,” she said during her interview. “It was a series of things. It was birth-control confusion, so I was hormonal.”

In addition to tripping on her way to the stage, the actress said that she also freaked because she forgot to thank David O. Russell, director of “The Silver Linings Playbook” — the film that garnered her the prestigious award.

“I forgot to thank the director, so I was just like, ‘What does it all mean? Nothing!'” she told Norton and actor Eddie Redmayne, who also appeared on the show with her.

But the atrocities of the evening allegedly didn’t end there. Above anything else, Lawrence just wanted something to eat after a long and emotionally trying evening, only to be met with disappointment upon arriving home.

“I came home crying, and then my friend ordered the wrong pizza,” Lawrence confessed. “It wasn’t thin crust, it was thick crust.”

She then let out a mock-sob, getting a laugh from the show’s studio audience.

“Stars — they’re just like us!” joked Kirk Laing, president of wood fired pizza oven company Fontana Forni USA. “Why is pizza such an essential ‘comfort food,’ whether you’ve tripped at the Oscars or just had a rough day at the office?”

Maybe awkwardness is just the name of the game for Lawrence. And if she’s not the one causing the embarrassment, then her family apparently picks up the slack for her.

JLaw confessed to Norton that, during a previous awards season, her brother “tried to arm wrestle Matthew McConaughey,” the actor known for his “True Detective” role, among other big-name projects.

As for McConaughey’s reaction, Lawrence says he was “not into it.”

The “silver lining” for this one? Apparently it was before Lawrence got her big break in Hollywood.

“It was [the year of her film] ‘Winter’s Bone,'” she said. “Nobody knew who I was. So there was that.”

She and Redmayne also found some common ground on the show by discussing their failed modeling careers.

Stars: maybe they’re not quite like us.