Kurt Cobain remembered 20 years after his death

It has been 2 decades to his death  yet he remains as best celebrity in the minds of people. Cobain had taken his life on April 5, 1994 through self inflicted shotgun shot and it was disclosed in the postmortem report that he had taken heavy dose of heroin before committing suicide.

On the eve of his death anniversary, Associated Press contacted all his professional friends about his nature and qualities. Everyone said that we still do not believe that he had left us. His musical influence is still capturing our minds and it is really difficult for us to forget his soul touching presence.

His fan said that “I had attended hundreds of live concerts in my life but the smile, aggression, joyfulness and electrifying environment I saw in Cobain’s concerts could never be seen in any other musical concert”. On the other hand, Billie Joe Armstrong says that “until 1990s no one knew about the Nirvana but it was Kurt Cobain who changed the status of band from local level to world level”.

Apart from this, Butler who had won 2010 Grammy award says that “Nirvana and Cobain was a source of inspiration for me and All Apologies was one of the best beautiful songs ever written”.

Last but not the least, Spokesman of Seattle Police Department said in his recent press briefing that “we are receiving 1 request every week for re-investigating his death and most of the fans are sending their requests through twitter”.