The Latest Cosmetic Fad is Designed to Take Years Off Your Ears

Fine lines and facial wrinkles have long been the target of anti aging skin treatments involving Botox and facial fillers, but the latest fad in cosmetic surgery has doctors treating a new part of the body that can show signs of aging. Known as “Eartox,” this cosmetic procedures aims to cure the look of droopy ears that can accompany old age.

The name is a bit deceiving, as the Eartox procedure actually uses fillers, not Botox, to plump earlobes that have lost volume. Skin loses its elasticity as we age, causing skin to sag or droop over time, and our earlobes are not immune to this unfortunate process.

Doctors have used Botox to treat ears for medical reasons, such as ringing ears, in the past. It has also been used to prevent ears from flushing red due to embarrassment or nervousness.

While injectable fillers have been around for years, using them to create volume in thinning earlobes has only recently started to gain popularity. Experts attribute this to the overall increasing popularity of fillers and more creative use of Botox and fillers by cosmetic professionals.

The procedure is most sought after by women over 40, but cosmetic doctors have seen woman as young as 30 seeking the treatment as a way to regain a youthful look. The injections can solve other earlobe imperfections as well.

Many women who wore big, heavy earrings in their younger days are starting to notice the effects as they get older. Eartox can reverse the sagging of earlobes caused by years of wearing heavy jewelry.

Many might view this new fad as a bit of an extreme measure, arguing that no one really notices a persons earlobes anyway. However, cosmetic doctors have noticed a difference in their patients’ self esteem. Those who have the ear injections are often self conscious of the way their ears look, and Eartox has helped them feel more comfortable in their own skin.