Minnesota Vikings New Stadium Roof Gets Equipped With Snow Melt System

UPDATED 12/10/20

After a harsh winter, many people across the United States are looking into roof repair and planning ways to prevent damage from occurring next year. The Minnesota Vikings, whose stadium roof has collapsed five times, are among them.

The last collapse at the Metrodome, which is the former home of the Vikings, was in 2010. The collapse happened overnight, after 17 inches of snow accumulated on the stadium roof the day before the Vikings were slated to play the New York Giants. The stadium was unusable for months.

The weight of the snow caused fabric panels in the center of the roof to tear, dumping snow on the field and putting the stadium out of commission for the rest of the season. The good news is that the Vikings are getting a new stadium — with a better designed roof.

The average roof in the United States is only about 17 years old, but the poor design of the roof and harsh Minnesota winters made it more vulnerable to collapse. A recent survey found that the two main factors when buying a new roof are durability (88% of respondents) and longevity (83% of respondents.) The Vikings need a newly designed roof to keep collapses from happening again.

There are about 50,000 roofing companies in the U.S. but according to the Star Tribune, Uponor North America was chosen for the new roof. The design is meant to prevent ice and snow from settling on it. Not only does the new roof have a pitch that will allow snow and ice to slide off, it also has something of a gutter system to catch the snow and melt it.

The system is not actually a gutter, but looks like one — there will be large basins around the perimeter of the building to catch the snow and ice to keep it from falling on passersby. Pipes with heated water and glycol (to prevent freezing) will be embedded in the basins to melt the ice and snow inside.

According to NFL.com, construction on the new Vikings stadium hit the halfway mark earlier this month.

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