New Photo Series Visualizes Time by Showing Subjects Melting Into Background

Mitchel_SpiderArtists have visualized the passing of time in a number of ways — long exposure shots, and symbolic totems amongst several other strategies — but one artist has found a new way: with collages.

Each piece in Michel Lamoller’s Tautochronos photography series is composed of 10 images taken in the exact same spot at different points in time. In between shots, the subjects move, change clothes, or even disappear. After printing all of the pictures, Lamoller would then look for different patterns and use a scalpel to carve out sections of the pictures to collage together with other pictures from the same location.

“This is an impressive piece for this artist. For those of us who don’t have this abilitym some of most popular photo editing software includes Photoshop, Lightroom, Paintshop, Portrait Pro. Choosing the right photo software can help an amateur photographer publish like a pro,” says Fred Tilner, Marketing Director for 42nd Street Photo, a top-rated digital camera store in NYC.

The series is an evolution from one of Lamoller’s earlier projects called Layerscapes, which applied the same techniques to cityscapes and landscapes. However, this earlier attempt isn’t nearly as personal or surreal as the Tautochronos series is, which features the artist’s personal acquaintances who are oftentimes depicted in their homes.

According to Lamoller’s website, Tautochronos, which is Greek for “at the same time,” is “a research about the possibilities of melting several moments in time down into one.”

As a result, the subjects literally look like they’re melting into the landscape around them.

“He is playing with space and volume, echoing the compression of time and place in his work,” writes interdisciplinary art blog iGNANT. “The deconstructed figures in the resulting photographs act as a visual reminder that people are always changing and never fully revealed.”

The series is currently ongoing, and can be checked out on Lamoller’s website.