New Program Designs Websites Using Artificial Intelligence

gridSeveral solutions have come out in recent years to make web design a little simpler, from Webdyo’s intuitive format-to-code layout to Froont’s click-and-drag visual format. But a new system called The Grid will use something entirely new to support web designers: artificial intelligence.

The Grid, set to release in spring 2015, is a cloud-hosted platform for web design featuring a powerful algorithm that will allow users to easily place content like text, videos images and products. According to the product’s website, The Grid will be able to figure out the rest.

The Grid can figure out how to arrange your website, down to what colors certain components should be. Inputting new content doesn’t require complex coding — The Grid just adapts to the changes.

The creators of The Grid hope that their product can change the way people look at website creation and maintenance. Many designers find themselves stifled by the need for complex coding and the struggle of translating static content to web content.

The Grid will be able to adapt automatically to what the user wants. You can set a purpose at the beginning, like selling products or gaining email subscriptions, and The Grid will restructure your site to get the job done.

The makers of The Grid think of their site design program in terms of content-based filters rather than templates. Users can choose a filter and let the content fall into place. The filters even optimize your site for SEO and create page titles and site descriptions.

The Grid may have a leg up on other site design mediums, since it not require coding or design expertise. If it’s really as intuitive as it seems, it could be of great benefit to people like small business owners who can’t afford a professional service.

“I think technology is great if used correctly, but there is no replacement for a human touch when creating a website,” says Charles Major, CEO of Mogul Local. “The human touch is extremely important because that is who the websites will be used by. There is a large difference between a good looking website, and a profitable website. Its important to make sure the website isn’t just a brochure, but a money making machine.”

Of course, it remains to be seen if The Grid will even deliver on the potential it advertises. Early adopters can sign up for a locked subscription rate of $96 a year.