Park Slope Preschool for Adults Will Feature Finger Painting, Show and Tell

adultfingerpaintPreschool is known to be beneficial for kids, but what about for adults?

Michelle Joni and Candice Kilpatrick of Park Slope, Brooklyn are looking to explore that question with their new program, Preschool Mastermind.

Preschool Mastermind is designed for students 18 and older who want to reconnect with their younger selves and relearn early life lessons. Students will partake in activities like crafts, snack time, finger painting and even show-and-tell.

“It’s about taking the stresses of your life and the problems that you see and instead turning them into challenges or adventures,” Joni told PIX11 News. She added that the goal of the program was to help adults approach problems with “perhaps that fearlessness, that innocence that you once had,” instead of running from them.

“I think there are so many things you can’t control about the world,” Kilpatrick, who will be an assistant teacher at the adult preschool, told PIX11. “If your partner leaves you, you get laid off for example, but you can control how you let it make you feel.”

The adult preschool program comes at a time when the benefits of preschool are set to step into the public spotlight. Though President Barack Obama has been talking up the benefits of universal preschool since 2013, a renewed push for universal preschool is written into the budget for 2016.

The budget will provide $750 million in grant funding for states to expand access to high quality pre-K programs. This is agreed to be one of the most practical investments for public money, since early intervention and education can reduce the cost of incarceration, welfare and medicaid down the line.

Preschool also fosters cognitive and social skills like impulse control, emotional stability and concentration. Of course, the effect of preschool on adults who are choosing to re-enroll at 18 or over is anyone’s guess.

The application deadline for Preschool Mastermind is Feb. 19, and classes will begin in Park Slope on March 3. The sessions will range in cost from $333 to $999.

According to Joni, “It’s going to be magical.”


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