Potential air pockets on stricken ferry offer hope for survivors

Despite massive rescue operation, hundreds of ferry passengers – most of whom high school students – are still missing. Actually, Lee the captain of the sunken ship ordered all the passengers not to abandon the ship. He said to them that the temperature of water was too cold however they should stay in the ship until the rescue boats did not come. This folly of the captain put all the 270 lives of the passengers in the jeopardy.

On the other hand, those passengers who are trapped in the ship sent plenty of text messages to their parents. They informed them that they were alive and they were waiting for their evacuation.  A private news channel obtained a message from a passenger that “there is no phone connection hence there is no internet”.

Besides, Mike Dean, the U.S. Navy deputy director for salvage and diving, told to a private news channel that “I have seen the pictures of the ferry, there are some breathable areas but the biggest problem is the temperature of water”.

Apart from this, maritime expert Kim Petersen said that “Conditions are not favorable for the rescue operation, tidal currents, fog and strong winds are creating more problems for divers”. He further said that air pockets -also known as voids- could provide passengers a chance of survival.

Last but not the least,  Petersen said that though there are cold water and current issues yet the situation is positive for the rescue operation.