Powerful earthquake hits off coast of Chile

The local authorities of Chile kept thousands of people out of their homes after a severe earthquake – with 8.2 magnitudes- struck off the northern coast. It is for the first time in the history that only 5 people have been died in such a deadly and dangerous earthquake.

Besides, the President of Chile Michelle Bachelet said that we could not be able to assess the extent of damage but I have declared “State of emergency” in the region. She further said that I have sent a plane with anti-riot police to maintain law and order situation in the region.

Authorities said that after the earthquake shocks 300 prisoners had escaped from a women’s jail.  Besides, Gerard Fryer the famous geophysicist told to a Private news agency that “the coastline region is very dangerous and we have issued warning to authorities”.

Apart from this, U.S. Geological Survey John Bellini said that if there had not been building codes, the damage of the earthquake would have been worse. When the situation turned to be normalized, the President of Chile tweeted that “People of Chile had professionally responded to this natural disaster and I ask everyone to stay relaxed and follow the instruction of authorities”.

Later on, she came out of Presidency and addressed her nation. She said in her press briefing that “the threats of tsunami will be monitored by her interior minister and he would coordinate with all authorities engaged in emergency response”. She further said that “classes have been suspended and we would be able to determine the extent of damage in day light”.

Last but not the least, the director of Chile’s office of national emergency Ricardo Toro said that almost 928,000 people have been evacuated and all are safe.