From Pulling Teeth to Drilling Them out, More and More People Are Going for DIY Dentistry

diydentistThe United Kingdom is apparently experiencing a renewed surge in so-called “DIY dentists.” As the name implies, more and more Britons are taking to doing their dental work by themselves. In fact, according to a study from the British Health Foundation, as many as 20% of Britons, a little over 12 million people, are reverting to old at-home methods of fixing, whitening, and even removing their teeth. From using glue to secure fillings to removing painful teeth with a trusty pair of needle-nose pliers, Britons are hoping to escape growing dental costs — in a really stupid way.

Short Term Costs Leading to Increase in DIYers
Rising dental costs are no stranger to many countries around the world, including the United States. However, Britain is arguably experiencing the biggest jump in cost of care. 80% of Britons say that rising costs have caused them to put off visiting their dental care professional until they can afford the visit. Putting off necessary treatment is never a good idea, but at least it makes more sense than taking a drill to your own mouth, incidents of which the Chicago Dental Society reports it’s seen in both the U.S. and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, producers of home healthcare products aren’t doing much to fix the issues. In fact, the United Kingdom is seeing a boom in demand for DIY dentistry kits that give Britons the tools they need to clean, set, and remove teeth — the latter usually in forceful, horribly painful ways. The kits are practically flying off the shelves.

Lack of Foresight, or Fiscally Savvy Move?
There is no denying that dental care is leaving an increasingly large hole in our pocketbooks, but the fact is that DIY dentists demonstrate a very real lack of foresight, from both a fiscal and medical standpoint. On the one hand, if you injure yourself at home when you’re trying to remove a tooth or what have you, who is going to be responsible for the injuries? You. By spending money and visiting your dentist, you protect yourself on the off chance anything goes wrong. Similarly, it’s completely possible to do irrevocable or even life-threatening damage by performing your own dental procedures. All of this to say that while dentists command a considerable price-tag, it’s nothing compared to the trouble yanking your own teeth brings.