The Puppy Bowl XII Led to the Adoption of 80 Puppies

Beautiful happy reddish havanese puppy dog is sitting frontalWhile Feb. 7 meant a lot for football lovers across the U.S., animal lovers were excited for a slightly differently event — Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII. For this annual broadcast, more than 80 puppies “competed” to be named the MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) by the end of the night. The competition itself began at 3 p.m., but many dedicated viewers tuned in at 2:30 p.m. for the much-beloved tailgate.

After the tailgate, #TeamFluff and #TeamRuff went head to head and serious levels of cuteness ensued. Ultimately, Star, a 20-week-old Chow Chow/Labrador mix took home the title of MVP.

But while the cute antics of the puppy players were adorable to watch, perhaps the most important part of the event was the number of dogs that were adopted as a result. The Puppy Bowl was filmed in October, and since then, all of the puppies have found their forever homes.

And indeed, behind the furry antics and the cute, fluffy, fun, the aim of the Puppy Bowl is to raise awareness about pet adoption and to remind viewers that there are thousands of dogs and puppies alike out there in need of safe and loving homes.

Alexandra Martell is one of the lucky people who adopted one of the competitors filming the Puppy Bowl. TheCosmopolitan¬†writer wrote an article, speaking of how she experienced “love at first sight” when she met Riley the Dachshund and left the event with a new addition to her family.

“I believe any time we can bring awareness to pet adoption, our canine and feline friends win,” said Dr. Angela Anderson, veterinarian and owner at Heather Ridge Pet Hospital. “Pet overpopulation is a problem, and adoption through rescue organizations is a great way to help curb the pet overpopulation problem. I would also encourage considering adoption of an adult pet as they can provide many years of enjoyment as well.”

And luckily, the Puppy Bowl isn’t the only place to adopt a new dog or puppy. Those who are interested in adopting a dog, cat, or any other furry friend should contact their local animal shelter or pet hospital.

Whether you rooted for #TeamFluff or #TeamRuff at the last Puppy Bowl, appreciate the fact that the event raised awareness for an extremely important cause and may have motivated millions across the country to adopt their very own furry friend.