Retaining Walls Gain Popularity as a Low-Maintenance Landscaping Solution

retainingwallAmericans love their yards — and they love to make them look their best with the help of various landscaping projects.

One form of landscaping that’s getting more popular than ever is the retaining wall. While retaining walls are technically intended to hold back soil or water, they can actually be used to add a unique aesthetic to your front or backyard.

According to a Penn Yan Chronicle-Express article, retaining walls are especially attractive to today’s homeowners due to their minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike a wooden deck or patio, there is no need to re-seal the stones of a retaining wall each year.

In addition, there are virtually countless ways to incorporate a retaining wall into one’s outdoor space. Segmental retaining walls can act as a transition between elevations and slopes. They can be used to create outdoor planters, tree rings and other defined spaces. And when combined with concrete pavers, a retaining wall can be used to create a beautiful and long-lasting patio.

It’s recommended that you hire a professional patio company and consult with an engineer to construct your desired retaining wall.

Perhaps best of all is the fantastic return on investment (ROI) that a new retaining wall boasts. According to, an attractive landscaping scheme can add an amazing 28% to a home’s resale value.

As you consider your landscaping options for when the weather warms up, be sure to keep the versatility and flexibility of a retaining wall in mind.


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