Scientists create “alien” life form with artificial genetic code

Scientists have finally understood how to alter the fundamental nature of life. Actually, they have created artificial DNA that could be used for treating a wide range of diseases apart from knowing the secrets of nature. It is said that this artificial microbes would grossly help to produce drugs and medicines.

This scientific breakthrough has been done by Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. The research work of this scientific development had also been published online in the journal Nature.  Basically, throughout the history, the genetic code of all living organism has remained uniform. In simple words, our genetic code is composed of 4 nucleotides known as A, C, T, and G.

Actually, researchers have developed two new nucleotides, X and Y and fused them with natural genetic code that is comprised of 4 nucleotides. They said that after fusing them with natural genetic code, we happen to combine first man-made DNA with natural DNA.Now, they can be 6 nucleotides.

The head of the research team Floyd Romesberg said to a private news agency that “it is going last far research positive repercussions and it is very important to understand the secrets of life”. On the other hand, Jim Thomas of the ETC Group, a Canadian advocacy organization said to a private news agency that “this breakthrough is going to last far reaching regulatory, legal and ethical implication and should not be taken very likely”.

Last but not the least Romesberg said the newly created organism would never infect anyone and this is supposed to be biggest development in the field genetic engineering.