Tire Slashing Spree Leaves Albany Residents Angry and Confused

tireslashingSeveral neighbors on the south end of Albany, NY woke up to a disturbing scene on the morning of Aug. 31.

According to local news affiliate WNYT, dozens of vehicles in a one-way cul-de-sac called Grandview Terrace had their tires slashed during the early hours of the morning, and residents of the typically quiet neighborhood are searching for answers.

“I sure hope it was kids. I hope there’s no adults running around here causing this kind of damage and thinking it’s fun,” said Anthony Holmes, a victim of the vandalism.

Holmes says his insurance deductible alone will cost him $500, on top of the wages he will lose by missing work to get his tires replaced.

The vandalism had an ever bigger effect on neighbor Henry Blackmon, who awoke to find the tires on his taxi — his only source of income — slashed.

“I’m missing quite a bit of money right now sitting in my house, not happy, not happy at all,” says Blackmon.

The Albany Times Union reports that another victim of the crime spree, Rashonda Latimer, says she will have to pay about $200 per tire to get back on the road, and with towing and labor she could be looking at a nearly $1,000 repair.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do now,” said Latimer as she gazed upon her damaged Nissan Maxima. “I can’t afford this, and I don’t get paid until next week.”

Tires can be expensive, and the neighbors should be looking for a repair shop with cheap new tires to limit the damage the vandalism does to their bank account.

“This is a situation where one’s insurance company, car alarms, community involvement and policing is the answer,” says Rick Genin, Owner,  Genins AutoCare. “Cheap tires?! You get what you pay for; buy a quality tire you can afford and purchase the road hazard warranty. Should this type of event happen again the road hazard warranty will replace the tires. Purchasing cheap tires could just compound an already bad situation.”

The President of Albany’s Common Council, Carolyn McLaughlin, also happens to live in Grandview Terrace. She was particularly surprised by the vandalism because there have never been any similar issues in the area before that morning.

“It’s quite a surprise because this street, a one way street, is relatively quiet. The people that live on this street are very stable and it’s a stable community. People look out for each other,” McLaughlin said.

Officer Steve Smith said the Albany Police Department is investigating the incident. So far, the police have no suspects.