TV Host Mom of 2 Undergoes Liposuction After Young Sons Draw

lisaoldfieldThere are many, many reason why both men and women choose to get liposuction done. After all, a little nip here and a little tuck really isn’t all that big of a deal anymore. However, would you get liposuction if you thought your child thought you were fat? That’s exactly what Australian television personality and presenter Lisa Oldfield did.

Everyone knows that kids say the darndest things, and it seems like Oldfiend’s sons Harry, 4, and Bert, 2, draw the darndest things too. Oldfield decided it was time to make a change and undergo liposuction after her sons sketched what she felt was an unflattering portrait.

The 40-year-old mother said she was astonished, and barely recognized herself in the drawing. In fact, she claimed she was horrified at the thought that her two young sons actually thought and viewed her as the f-word: fat. “When my son asked me if I was having another baby, that was the catalyst,” Oldfield told Daily Mail Australia in an interview.

Oldfield went on to say that she had been contemplating and researching liposuction for quite some time, however, seeing the portrait her children drew was the final straw.

“It shouldn’t matter how her children view her; she should want the procedure done for her, not just for her kids,” said Dr. Anh Ngo, physician director at Body Envi. “There is always such a stigma about undergoing lipo that it seems she needed to find a valid excuse to tell the public why she wanted to have this done.

Of course, any transformation wouldn’t be complete without posting a selfie. Oldfield, who is married to radio host and former One Nation politician David Oldfield, posted several pictures on her social media accounts showing the 5.5 liters of fat that were removed during the procedure. “It’s not a pretty picture,” she said. Oldfield also posted post-op pictures of her bruised and swollen abdomen — such bruising and swelling can last for weeks following liposuction.

After struggling to lose weight on her own, Oldfield felt compelled to do something a little more drastic. “I try and stay fit, I walk my dogs and that sort of thing, but I just can’t be a slave to a gym. I’d rather spend extra hour and a half each night with my kids than with someone I’m paying $100 to scream at me,” explained Oldfield.

Oldfield said she is happy with her results, and may even go back to have liposuction down on her arms in the future.