U.K. Police Find Teen Girl’s Body in Garden Shed

landscaped yardIn a tragic and gruesome story coming out of the United Kingdom, a teenage girl’s dismembered body was found cut up with a knife and power tools allegedly by her step-brother and his girlfriend. Becky Watts, 16, was allegedly suffocated to death in her bedroom before the dismemberment and eventual move to a nearby storage shed, according to the Bristol-area news source BristolPost.co.uk.

The accused in the case are Nathan Mathews, her 28-year-old step-brother, and his 21-year-old girlfriend, Shauna Hoare. According to documents from the Bristol Crown Court, the couple, “shared an unnatural interest in attractive teenage females,” and the attack is believed to have been sexually motivated in nature.

The alleged attack happened on February 19 of this past year and was perpetrated in a premeditated, meticulous way, according to prosecutors.

“Her death was the result of a plan by Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare to kidnap Rebecca Watts where it seems that items were taken to Rebecca Watts’s home to carry it out,” prosecutor William Mousley told the jury. “Following her removal from her home, over the course of the next few days, her body was cut up with a knife and a power saw, the parts carefully packaged and then moved to another address.”

He went on to say that it all happened in a “deliberate, carefully planned, and grotesquely executed plan to cover up her killing.”

Also implicated in relation to the homicide case are James Ireland and brothers Karl and Donovan Demetrius. Ireland and Karl reportedly picked up Mathews and Hoare on their way home from work and drove them to Barton Hill.

Later one man, allegedly Mathews, brought a a blue bin with clothes on top and a “number” of suitcases to Karl’s home in Crown Hill. There they stored the containers in their garden shed.

Ireland and Donovan are pleading not guilty to assisting an offender, and Karl has pleaded guilty but with the stipulation that he did not know what was in the contents of the suitcases or that he was knowingly assisting in criminal activity.

The trial is ongoing at the time of this writing.