The Value of Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring Increases Tenfold

The engagement ring that used to belong to Princess Diana, and is now Kate Middleton’s, is worth a whopping half a million dollars, more than it was worth when Diana received it in 1981. Next in line for the most expensive is The Queen of England’s engagement ring, followed by Michelle Obama’s Engagement ring in spot number three. Not too shabby. If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring, diamonds are still the way to go. Check out a diamond shopping guide to get an idea of the kinds of diamonds available. Additionally, a diamond ring buying guide may be more specific and offer a section just on diamond engagement rings. If you’re looking to give her a diamond in the family, you may need a diamond ring remount setting change to match her style. Diamond set engagement rings are still a popular and affordable choice. They are the standard even if you decide to add other gems to the ring, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or another gem.

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, easily one of the most famous engagement rings in the world, is now worth half a million dollars! “Like a fine wine, some engagement rings simply get better with age,” E! Online reports. “Such is the case for Kate Middleton’s bling as her engagement ring from Prince William has seen a tenfold increase from what it was valued in 1981—the year it was bought by Prince Charles to give to then-fiancée Princess Diana.”

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The world-famous ring consists of a 12-carat sapphire elegantly framed by 14 diamonds. When Princess Diana wore it, it was worth approximately $47,000. Now it is worth $500,000. “The sparkler heads a list of the world’s top 20 most famous engagement rings, showing how much each one has ­appreciated since purchase. The Duchess of Cambridge’s ring, 14 diamonds around a 12-carat sapphire, is worth three times more than the Queen’s, which is runner-up on the list,” Express writes.

The Queen of England’s engagement ring takes the second spot, and first lady Michelle Obama’s engagement ring ranked third. Although royalty and political figures top the list, some celebrities appear among the ranks as well. Beyonce’s ring, worth millions, comes in at number 11.

“Celebrity engagement rings certainly influence what our clients look for and ask about. With Pinterest, celebrity rings get even more exposure and make their way onto our clients’ boards of ‘dream rings,'” says Jonathan Mervis of Mervis Diamond Importers. “The best example of that right now is oval shaped diamonds. Most couples never considered oval shaped diamond engagement rings, until a few celebrities started wearing them and pictures floated around the internet.”


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