Westfield Storm Leaves Basements Flooded

floodingA recent story by WIVB news documents the flooding of a home in Westfield, NY, following a massive storm. Ripping through the area, the storm demolished parking lots, golf courses, and residences. Resident Ashley Moore recalls how “the sky opened up outta nowhere,” and she watched as her driveway completely caved in from all the heavy rain.

While there weren’t any reported injuries, many locals experienced severe basement flooding. Sharon Foster was one of the unlucky ones. She told News 4 about the moment her basement window finally gave way.

“I heard this great big bang and crash and I’m thinking ‘am I dreaming is this for real?’ And I got up and walked off to the kitchen and as soon as I walked out of the kitchen, the floor, it was covered with water,”

Before she knew it, there were nearly five feet of water in her basement, rushing in through the back steps, and even coming up through the floor, which was being raised by the water hydraulics. The fire department had to drill two holes in her cement floor to relieve the pressure.

Though the Foster family did not have flood insurance, they remained hopeful about the cleanup.

“It hasn’t hit me yet,” said Foster. “Probably tonight when I finally just calm down then it’s going to hit. I’m just thinking about all this cleaning I’m going to have to do but I got a lot of friends and family who have said give us a call and we’ll come and help you.”

Within 15 hours, the basement was down to a foot of water. If they want to avoid the mold and water damage, the Fosters should have their space dry in the 24-48 hour window, according to the EPA.