Hillary Clinton 2016

A big Majority of Democrats Support Hillary Clinton to run in 2016

Hillary Clinton 2016Clinton is ruling over the hearts and minds of the democrats. Yes, a big majority of them supports Clinton to run in 2016.
According to New York Times CBS poll, 80 percent of the self declared democrats have showed their support for Hillary Clinton to run in 2016. On the other hand, it has been polled that 13 percent of democrats do not want her to run for 2016. Besides, she also rules over the hearts of the individuals. Yes, 53 percent of individuals have polled in her favor and said that they wanted to see her running.
When it came to compare Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren against the Clinton, the majority of the democrats polled in the favor of Clinton. Inevitably, the poll was divided and a big number of democrats did not poll cited the reason that they did not know much about the challengers.
On the contrary, a vast majority of Republicans was not clear about the favorite candidate. When the Republicans were polled, 41 percents said that they wanted Jeb Bush to run for 2016 while 39 percent said that Rand Paul should be running. Besides, 21 percent polls were completely against them.
It goes without saying a big number of Republicans did not want New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to run for the 2016 and 41 percent of them polled against his candidacy.  It must be noted that 1,644 adults had been surveyed and the entire poll process was based on land line and cell phone calling.