Net Neutrality

Verizon CEO Demands to pay more for using too much Internet

Net NeutralityAre you watching online movies? Do you download heavy games? Are spending too much time on the internet? Then, you have to pay more.
The CEO of the Verizon Company Lowell McAdam said that “if you are using too much internet then you have to pay more for the broadband”. He said this while summing up the investment’s meeting for clarifying the company’s position on net neutrality.  Besides, he was of the opinion that “It is quite natural that potential users contribute more to keep the web service healthy and smoother”.  He pointed out that those customers could be the companies like Netflix or individuals who use too much bandwidth for steaming online.
It goes without saying, last month a court had passed  verdict that all internet service providers like Verizon, Comsat and AT&T should abide by the rule of net neutrality and struck down the federal communication’s 2010 order.  The verdict had ruled out that all the heavy streaming website owners should pay some money to ISPS for making the content accessible to customers.
In addition, the spokesman of Verizon Edward S. McFadden told a private news agency that “those customers who stream a lot of movies should pay us more”. Contrary to this, it has been learned from reliable sources that Netflix and Comsat had struck a deal for delivering Netflix content to the customers.  Upon hearing this, the CEO of Verizon said that “We are pleased to know about this deal and it is a good step for everyone that both companies have made some arrangements”.
Last but not the least, some experts and customers have thanked to ruling for forcing the website companies to pay the ISPs for delivering the content whereas Derek Turner the freelance journalist and research director showed his concern over the ruling and said that internet is Zero-Sum.