Animal Planet Show Travels to Fredon, New Jersey in Search of the Elusive Sasquatch

Bigfoot Spotted In PennsylvaniaIs the garden state home to Sasquatch? This past week, Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” team came to Fredon, New Jersey in order to investigate claims that the elusive creature was living there, hiding among the rural, mountainous terrain of Sussex County.

The team, comprised of three experienced Bigfoot researchers as well as “skeptical scientist” Ranae Holland, first started out the episode’s filming the way they normally do — by holding a town meeting in order to collect the local stories of Bigfoot sightings throughout the years. As with other episodes, the crew attempted to make their entrance fairly quiet — “We don’t want people to be crawling around in the woods while the team is there,” explained Joe James, the show’s producer.

The team listened to multiple stories as townspeople recalled sightings all the way back in the 1970s, as well as one sighting made just two weeks ago. In total, fourteen people were able to come forward with stories — one even had a cast of a Bigfoot footprint.

“Finding Bigfoot” has been going strong for five seasons now, and producers say this particular episode will be airing later in the year. For now, the crew is keeping a tight lid on the specifics of the stories they gathered. “These are the best stories we’ve had in years,” said team member James Fay.

Although Sasquatch — a creature without a proven existence — usually has reported sightings in the Pacific Northwest, this isn’t the first time the team has traveled to the Eastern coast. In New Jersey alone, 207 Sasquatch sightings have been reported within the last 50 years.

Several Sasquatch legends have been passed down from Lenape Indians indigenous to the region. Since the Appalachian Trail reaches the top Western corner of New Jersey, some skeptics wonder whether Bigfoot sightings are just a case of mistaken identity of creatures following the trail.

Is Bigfoot alive and real in New Jersey? The answer is unlikely to turn up anytime soon, but many enthusiasts will likely try and hike their way to a sighting once the new episode airs.


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