Fathers, Children Throw a Line into the Water to Celebrate Father’s Day

father_son_fishingEvery year,¬†Americans spend approximately $10 billion on goods and services for their fathers for Father’s Day. Most commonly, that money goes toward sports games, alcohol, cards, and other gifts. This year, however, things were a little different. Instead of buying their fathers gifts that they’ll forget about in a few days, Americans took their fathers to increasingly popular fishing derbies, choosing to make memories instead of giving junk gifts.

One of the most popular fishing derbies in the United States is that held on Shelburne Bay, an inlet off Lake Champlain, in Vermont. Every year, Lake Champlain International, a nonprofit with the aim of protecting and revitalizing Lake Champlain and the surrounding towns, holds the three-day fishing tournament, both to promote conservation in the region and celebrate Father’s Day by giving families a way to bond outdoors. It’s an idea Lake Champlain International has perfected and one many areas across the country, from Alaska to Florida, are picking up for this special weekend.

Fishing Remains a Popular Pastime for Bonding, Reconnecting with Nature
It’s not terribly surprising to see fishing become such a popular Father’s Day activity. After all, this favorite activity of outdoorsmen is already extremely popular on every other day of the year, helping to generate $48 billion in sales of licenses, equipment, and trips for the national economy annually. At last blush, 48 million Americans — 15% of the population — fish each year.

Men are the majority of anglers in the States, making up 73% of the fishing population. Classically seen as a way to get away from the world for a little while and connect with those who mean the most to you, friends or family, the popularity of fishing for Father’s Day, whether you’re in Juneau or Rochester, just makes sense.

Did you go fishing with your dad for Father’s Day? Let us know what you caught in the comments below!