“Apparently” Kid Has His Own Clothing Line

kidApparently, one kid’s trip to the Wayne County Fair made him into a national TV sensation. Noah, a native Pennsylvanian, headed to the fair unbeknownst to all that he would wind up a celebrity on Friday, August 8 when he did an informal interview with Newswatch 16.

When asked about the ride he just went on, Noah responded with gusto. “It was great and apparently I have never been on live television before buy apparently sometimes I don’t watch the news,” he said.

The reporter then asked Noah where he learned the word apparently from. “I don’t know, maybe from my mom, I don’t know.”

That was all it took for the kid to rake in 8 million views for his county fair interview since then. Now, the “Apparently Kid” has apparently inspired a clothing line to add to his already growing resume. A native Honesdale couple have created custom designed tee shirts with the word “Apparently” across the chest.

Brian Wilken has partnered with a couple industries in Honesdale and started off by printing 100 shirts of all colors and sizes. What better place to sell the custom printed tee shirts than at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

At $10 per tee, all profits will go towards the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. The tee shirt industry has grown more than 24.2% from 2009 to 2014 due to tees being one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available. Upon examination of 2012 sales by product category, the biggest sellers were wearable garments such as tee shirts, caps, and jackets.

“That’s the great part about it; we’re going to be able to help children. So we’re going to turn this into apparently a good thing,” said Wilken.

And the sales have been sky high since launching the clothing line as tee shirts are a great way to raise awareness for non-profits and companies alike.

“T-shirts are walking billboards, and they’re great promotional products because everyone wears t-shirts and loves to get a new t-shirt,” says Elise Harding of Tee Compressed. “There are so many different options to customize shirts between styles and colors, they allow for a lot of combinations when reaching your target audience.”

“Yeah I think it will be great,” said Wilken on the subject of donating the profits. “It’s something famous from our area, I say God bless the kid; he’s going to make money for children who need help.”

The Shriner’s stated that if the apparel sells quickly enough, there might be more to come — and everyone hopes there will be more from Noah as well.

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