Car Wrap Advertising Scams Becoming More Common Across the U.S.


Car wrap advertising has become one of the most favored ways to market brands outdoors, as it boasts both cost-efficiency and an incredible rate of daily impressions made.

However, as with any successful business venture, the car wrap industry has recently become inundated with scammers.

According to an August 27 Idaho Press-Tribune article, these scammers allegedly look to rip off individuals by promising to pay them to put vehicle wraps on their own cars.

The scam primarily takes place over email, the newspaper story reports. Individuals will typically receive an email asking them to place car wraps, advertising well-known brands, on their cars in exchange for hundreds of dollars each week in payment.

If the person decides to agree to these terms, he or she will get a check for a large sum in the mail, and are then asked to give a portion of this money to the car wrap company itself. The problem is that the check will eventually turn out to be fraudulent.

Once the person finds out the check they received is no good, he or she will have to repay its amount to their bank, includign the portion that has already been paid out to the company that provided the car wrap, according to the Idaho Press-Tribune. Tracing the scammers from there becomes highly difficult, if not impossible.

“The only reason this is so appealing for scammers is because car wraps are popular; scammers are looking at it as a new way to scam people,” says Edmund Karam of Lucent Wraps. “Companies paying individuals to advertise with car wraps doesn’t happen in the U.S., so proceed with caution.”

In Boise, Idaho, one victim of these scams lost $2,000, the Idaho Press-Tribune reports. To keep yourself safe from scams like these, never accept the offer of an apparent employer that asks you to give them money.


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