Disabled Man in Michigan Deals With 7 Years of Abuse in By His Sister

abusivesisterMichigan residents Patsy Marshall and her husband, Andrew Green, are being charged with abuse after police found Marshall’s disabled brother in a filthy bedroom. According to ABC 12 News, investigators are saying it is one of the worst cases of abuse they have ever seen.

Police went to check on the man after several concerns about him going missing. The victim, a GM retiree, had previously suffered from a leg injury that left him unable to walk. This is why he relied on his sister and her husband to help him.

But instead of caring for him, the couple locked him away in his bedroom, where he had little outside contact for nearly seven years.

Michigan police say that they found the 62-year-old man covered in his own waste in a room infested with cockroaches and other pests. Cockroaches alone can spread nearly 33 different kinds of bacteria, and often carry harmful germs and viruses. The man was also only fed a single meal each day, and a small television was his only source of outside information.

“I’ve never never seen anyone living in this type of condition. This place is not fit for an animal,” says Chief Terrance Green of the Mount Morris Township police. He said the officer who found the victim described the smell to be unbearable.

When questioned by police, Marshall and Green insisted that the victim was the one to blame. In addition to the abuse, police also believe that the couple may have stolen tens of thousands of dollars from the disabled man. So far no charges have have been made for this accusation.

The victim has been removed from the home and is currently recovering in a hospital. Once he is well enough, he will be moved to an adult care facility. According to the police, the man thanked the officers for saving his life, and says he is alive because they found him.