The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra: Wearable Tech Solves the Problem of Excessive Sweat

Silhouette of athletic girl running down the road to a sunsetIt’s something that no one really wants to talk about, but if you’re a woman, you’re definitely aware of the struggle:boob sweat.

It happens during the summertime, of course, but most women find that it creeps into daily life and causes a problem nearly any time they wear a sports bra and exercise. As if wearing what feels like an ace bandage around your chest isn’t bad enough, the sweat can make things incredibly uncomfortable and also a little embarrassing.

“There are many ways to deal with clinically diagnosed excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, which can be psychologically and socially devastating,” says Christopher J. Ligi, Director of Sales, Hidrex USA, LLC. “Chromat’s technology may be very promising for helping minimize normal sweating by providing ventilation to a woman’s normally air-tight chest area. Excessive or abnormal levels of sweating may require more than just increased airflow. Other options include the method of iontophoresis (mild electrical current administered through water) to eliminate the effects of hyperhidrosis in multiple bodily areas, including the hands, feet, and underarms.”

Finally, a company has designed a sports bra that actually addresses this problem.

The garment was designed by a clothing company called Chromat and was just unveiled as part of the company’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, according to Engadget.

The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra, the official name of the garment, was designed to shape-shift and respond automatically to increases in the wearer’s body temperature, breathing rate, and amount of sweat. The result is a piece of clothing that is more accurately categorized as a piece of “wearable technology,” and as the Huffington Post noted, Chromat’s line of tech-forward clothing has even been compared to items like the Apple Watch.

Actually, the Aeros Sports Bra does include a cool piece of technology. According to Fast Company, the Aeros Sports Bra is made out of a material composed of Lyra, neoprene, mesh, and a 3-D printed carbon-fiber frame. This frame is connected to a little device, around the size of a button and located right in the garment, and this device is something created by Intel called the Curie.

Intel introduced the Curie this past January, and the designers at Chromat quickly realized how the low-energy device could be worked into a piece of clothing. The Curie is what picks up physical information and changes of the wearer as she exercises and begins to sweat more, and the device then “tells” the carbon-fiber frame to adjust.

The frame is made with vents that open when the wearer’s body temperature rises, thereby allowing the garment to fit snugly without trapping in heat and sweat, and without making the wearer feel too cold or exposed.

The Aeros isn’t on the market yet, but due to its convenience and wearability, it seems very possible that Chromat will begin marketing the item to female consumers pretty soon. In addition to the Aeros, Chromat also showcased a body-responsive dress which reacts to changes in the wearer’s adrenaline levels.