Disney’s Sinister Soiree Demonstrates the Power of Lighting and Spectacle

disneyWalt Disney World, the self-acclaimed Happiest Place on Earth, is at it again, this time transforming the Magic Kingdom into a “Sinister Soiree.” The Sinister Soiree is a nighttime party held for those willing to spend a little extra on park entry tickets, and takes place after hours in the world’s most popular theme park, located in Orlando, Florida.

The event uses atmospheric lighting, festive Halloween decorations, and special desserts made to resemble everything from candy apples to bats to set the tone for what is effectively a giant costume party. Children and parents alike dress up to first view a villain-themed parade, complete with all their favorite baddies — from Maleficent to Aladdin’s Jafar — riding high on specialized floats. Following the parade, attendees are given special access to many of the Magic Kingdom’s most popular rides. As they walk along the eerily lit walkways of the park, they can encounter and interact with their favorite characters, many of whom are wearing special Halloween versions of their typical costumes.

Finally, drained parents and magically wired children make their way to the party that gives the event its name. The eponymous Sinister Soiree gives guests even more contact with their favorite characters, all while enjoying treats like the “Not-So-Poisoned Punch.”

The Sinister Soiree Kicks Off Disney’s Back to Back Light Festivals and Holiday Events

The Sinister Soiree is just the beginning of Disney’s annual season of light shows and holiday festivities. After the lights and spooky decorations for the entertainment behemoth’s Halloween events are torn down at the end of October, the company’s creative department, typically referred to as the Imagineers, will get to work turning another park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, into a winter wonderland for the now famous Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Using millions of lights in different colors and configurations to paint a snowy holiday landscape, coupled with the music of the season, the event somehow manages to make guests forget they’re in balmy Orlando, if only for a few hours at a time.

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