More Flooding Expected in Myanmar

mynamarfloodingWhile water damage accounts for nearly 23% of U.S. property damage, the people of Myanmar have much greater flooding problems to tackle. According to a recent ABC News report, heavy rain in the area has led to an increased fear of serious flooding.

President Thein Sein has issued a declaration of emergency conditions in the Magway and Sagaing regions, along with the Chin and Rakhine states. These areas represent those who these affected areas.

Sein urged Cabinet ministers to assist with relief operations for the flooding, but has not initiated any more specific plans of action. ABC News reports:

“Heavy rains have caused severe flooding and landslides over much of the country. The government’s Relief and Resettlement Department estimates that between 67,000 and 110,000 people have been severely affected by flooding, particularly in the Sagaing region, and Kachin and Shan states, accounting for 21 deaths in July.”

This will mean extremely dangerous conditions surrounding Rakhine, which is seeing more than 100,000 people displaced after fleeing their homes in response to recent years’ civil conflict. Myanmar is expected to receive more flooding in the weeks to come, and meteorologists are paying special attention to the rivers, which will be dangerously high and prone to flood.

BBC reports that over 27 citizens are dead, and many more are “running for their lives” to find shelter and safety.