Google Considers Home Security Camera Acquisition as Way Forward in Smart Home Market

homesecurityThis week, various tech websites reported that Google has plans to potentially acquire Dropcam, a popular Wifi camera producer new to the home security market. Google has become much more than a search engine, and has made clear its intention to enter the “smart home” market with its former purchase of Nest, a smart thermometer and smoke detector company.

Currently, Dropcam is available as part of a $150 internet-connected camera, which can be controlled using a special app that allows users to zoom in, record, and more. In addition to features like night vision, Dropcam’s cameras can detect people moving within a home, and the software can send alerts to a user’s phone or email so that they know what’s going on.

If Google acquires this technology, it would be another significant investment into building its smart home empire and almost certainly suggests a turning point within the industry. Already, the “internet of things” is generating millions of dollars worth of revenue via people who want to be able to interact with, sync and direct their home devices with the touch of a button.

Some, though, are worried about the security of devices like the one Google might end up acquiring. Forbes recently detailed how two tech-by-day, hackers-by-night dads managed to break into multiple wireless surveillance cameras one man, Sergey Shekyan, bought for watching his newborn daughter. The hacks were documented for a presentation on the system’s software vulnerabilities, which was then used by someone to actually hack into a baby monitor earlier this year.

“Converting your house into a smart home is becoming very popular, and I imagine it will only become more popular as the technologies become more available,” says Uri Schick of GES Security. “It does not surprise me at all that Google would be interested in purchasing a company that focuses on just that type of service.”

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