Industry Insiders Predicting Alternative Landscaping as Big Trend for 2014

Residential landscapers and commercial landscapers will often have different designs in mind when they’re designing both front and backyard landscapes. Something that works in a front yard will not necessarily work in a backyard. There are lots of awesome backyard landscaping ideas that people can try today. They might be able to adapt some of these to their front yards if they really like them that much.

However, these people might be better off with back door garden ideas instead, especially if they are interested in trying something that is very new and modern rather than classic and simple. There are backyard garden design pictures that can help people to make a much more informed choice if they are torn between a lot of ideas that seem to work right away. Still, backyard garden landscaping is not the sort of thing that people will have to overthink.

They should be able to find something that they like without exploring every single possibility that has been invented for the past couple of decades. Still, people will want to make sure that they have made the right choice. They will be looking at this landscape for years. It should be the best one for them.

Alternative landscaping options are something that buyers should consider when they are wondering how to design a landscape garden. Heavy water usage in yards can be bad for the environment and expensive for the homeowner to keep in good condition. So it is important to consider all of your choices, such as hardscaping and other alternative landscape options. You need to know how much gardening services cost in your area, as well as whether you will want to put in the time and effort to keep it looking good.

If you want to look into your alternative landscaping options, you should talk to a home landscape designer. These people are professionals in things like hardscaping service and home landscape supply vendors. They can help you decide exactly what is best for your own property and how you should go about building it. Gardening services cost varying amounts depending on your area and the work you want to be done, so be sure you consider this when you are figuring out how to design a landscape garden for your home.

If you are into landscaping, you may know just how much water your landscaping needs to stay healthy. When you choose an alternative landscaping method, you can create a landscape that is better for the environment and that needs far less water. Many landscaping articles have been written about alternative landscaping, and the idea has been catching on in the last few years. Many people think: I want to landscape my house and I want to landscape my backyard. How can I do it without taking too many water resources? Alternative landscaping is the answer.

A first step is often to get a topsoil delivery so that you can fill in any uneven spots in your yard. Then, you can look up “landscaping ideas for my front yard” to see the many types of alternative landscaping design. This can include a rock garden instead of planting a lot of ornamental plants. It can also include adding structures like gazebos to the yard instead of new plants. With a different type of landscaping, you can keep a beautiful yard without having to slave over it. It will need no taking care of and will require very little of your precious time.

According to the Pueblo Chieftain, “alternative” landscaping has been especially popular this year in arid regions. Also known as rock, dry, or xeriscaping, at its core alternative landscaping is about finding alternate ways to structure a landscape without using up costly water resources.

It’s likely that the economic recession, along with recent droughts across the country, have had a big impact in causing people to reconsider their landscaping options. Overall, about 30% of the 320 gallons of water the average American household uses each day is spent on outdoor landscaping. In dryer climates, this figure can soar to as high as 60%.

hardscaping service

Adding to this is the growth of the landscaping and gardening industry sector, which for the first year, at $60 billion,andnbsp;has surpassed even pets ($53 billion) for the amount Americans are willing to spend. Sarah Fishburne, director of trends and design for The Home Depot, explains it by saying, “People are a little stir crazy” after the long winter.

Adding to that is a rebounding economy, which has lined formerly lean pockets with a little extra spending cash. Consumers are also increasingly likely to search for green solutions; the latest figures from Nielsen suggest that about 66% of consumers actively prefer green products and services. Concentrating on landscaping solutions which require little water puts less stress on local water tables.

“With the four seasons here in the D.C. area, we do see some people doing this, but not many,” explains Don Saunders, President ofandnbsp;Saunders Landscape Supply. “Anyone that is trying to help the environment would benefit from this approach.”


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