Leave Your Cell Phone at Home: 2014 Weddings Going Retro and Unplugged

weddingcellphoneRecent trends are showing that brides and grooms are going au natural and unplugged for weddings in 2014. The gradual shift toward nature began a few years ago, as more couples opted for woodsy themed weddings and decor, much like Matthew McConaughey’s camp-style nuptials, but is hitting weddings full force this spring and summer. This years’s themes are a nod to an older, rustic way of life, and are intended to evoke nostalgia, cutting out cell phones and mobile devices.

Wedding experts at TheKnot.com claim that a Woodland-themed wedding will likely be the most popular. Centerpieces will blend sprigs from various trees, incorporating greens, browns, and darker hues, and may include a pop of glamour with some crystal ornaments. Brides are opting for lace dresses with floral embellishments, and their bouquets are steering away from the traditional white colors, pushing for bright pinks and cascading greenery.

Guests can also expect to see floral decoration as opposed to flashy lights, thick fabrics, and excessively fancy decorations. Arches, pews, and reception venues will have leaf-infused flower garlands wrapped around the wooded edges, and may even walk alongside an isle lined with mini floral bouquets. As peonies are the flower of choice in 2014, they could appear at the buffet table, be hanging from the ceiling, or infused into centerpieces.

“This is definitely a new trend for 2014,” explains David Mohammadi, CFO of Anar Party Rentals. “We have seen demand for a more rugged feel from our customers.”

Couples are looking to find charming ways to weave their rustic theme throughout the ceremony as well. Linens are taking a turn away from typical fabrics, and texture is taking center stage to keep with the al fresco theme, and Pinterest posts are bursting with small tokens and wedding favors that are emblematic of nature, with small, rounded mini wooden slabs with the bride and groom’s name etched in, and wood place card holders. Thin, rounded chunks of a tree are also being used as a place mat for dinner plates.

This return to a traditional, back-to-nature setting also nudges guests away from technology, at least for a few hours. Many impending brides and grooms are printing a no-phone policy on their wedding invitations, and instituting a phone check at the door on their big day. The idea is to stop Instagram pictures, Facebook photo-ops, and hashtagging from overtaking an entire wedding. Celebrities have also hopped on this trend, with cell phone bans at Michael Jordan, Kim Kardashian, and Lauren Condrad’s weddings.

While it may be difficult to keep cell phones out of their ceremony, couples will continue do their best to pay homage to a simpler time. With Mother Earth’s help, and some strict bodyguards at the door, new brides and grooms may be able to enjoy the simple, elegant wedding they have always dreamed of.


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