LG Runs New G4 Promo with Free Leather Cover, But Does It Stand Up to a Luxury Phone?

lgg4promoLG is offering another promo for its G4 smartphone, this time including an additional battery and charging cradle and a genuine leather back cover, which is available in five different colors, as part of the package.

When the G4 launched, it included a promo that also offered a free extra battery, battery charging cradle and 32 GB microSD card, but it only ran until June 30. The newest promo will run all through July to give buyers time to take advantage of the sale.

The original deal was worth about $100 if sold separately. This one is comparable, as just one of the leather phone covers retails for about $69.99.

In order to qualify for the promo, buyers need to get their phones from a qualifying retailer (Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Costco or Sam’s Club) or carrier (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT and T, US Cellular, Target, or Verizon Wireless).

Colors for the leather covers include yellow, orange, pink, sky blue and burgundy. Traditionally, most leather covers for phones are basic black.

Leather goods are popular in fashion, available on everything from leather hats and shoes to the quintessential leather jacket. Even custom leather belts can run anywhere from $30 to $100, depending upon their quality and the design.

But how does the G4, with or without the leather cover, stand up to a luxury phone? LG’s phone isn’t the only one covered in leather, although theirs is likely more functional than a new one that retails for five figures.

High-end phone manufacturer Vertu has released its stylish Signature for Bentley (yes, the car maker), which features a number of different design perks.

The back is covered with high-end calf leather and is made from a carbon fiber weave, and the keyboard has a sapphire crystal finish with each key placed on a ruby. How’s that for decadence?

But there’s even more: the phones are made by hand in England and feature a metal Bentley logo at the bottom, and they are available with different colored gems and leathers for those who want a custom look.

Vertu’s phone is available for preorder and will launch on September 18, and it can be anyone’s for a mere £14,500 — or about $23,000 USD.

Those who need to stay connected via their social media apps, however, may be disappointed to find that the Signature for Bentley is not a smartphone.

That’s right: although it can make calls and send texts, along with maybe checking email, the phone doesn’t actually run too many apps.

No word on how many people have preordered the phone so far. The luxury phone brand does offer a smartphone — with capabilities more similar to the LG G4 — for the same collection, though. That one, minus the elaborate keyboard, retails for a cool $14,200.