Man who killed 81-year-old widow is released from prison

Bernie Tiede who was convicted for killing his longtime companion Marjorie Nugent has been released from the prison on bond. It is said that Special Judge Diane DeVasto has agreed to free Tiede from the imprisonment to live in Austin with filmmaker Richard Linklater.

Basically, Linklater is the directed of his new movie “Bernie”. It is said that the director wanted to take Bernie to voluntarily work in his movie.  The court authorities said that Tiede will be under strict bond conditions to do this job.

On the other hand, Panola County District Attorney Danny Buck Davidson said that “Tiede was sexually assaulted during his juvenile age however he deserves lighter sentence”. Besides, Psychiatrist Edward Gripon who assessed Tiede opined in his remarks as “Tiede and Nugent had abusive relationship and he did not come across any examination at all”.

Apart from this, Shanna Nugent Dallas-area lawyer and Nugent’s granddaughter said that “we are really shock over this development”. I want justice for my nanny and this is totally prejudiced.

It is said that the relationship between Nugent and Tiede begun in 1990 at the funeral of her husband R.L. “Rod”.  Before her death, she declared in her will $10 million fortune to Tiede. In 1996, she was shot dead with four rounds of fires.

Last but not the least, a friend of Tiede said in an interview to a private TV channel that “I am really happy to know that he is out. He is threat to none.  He was keen to know about her killer and he was not involved in the killing”.