Brantford Street Crimes Unit Puts an End to Burglary Spree with Arrest of Local Man

BurgularAfter allegedly burglarizing several houses last week, 45-year old Brantford, Ontario local Michael James Ambdeau was arrested by the Brantford PD. While on a stakeout investigating the slew of home burglaries, the Brantford PD’s Street Crimes Unit observed Mr. Ambdeau approaching a house before disappearing around the back of the residence. Shortly thereafter, Ambdeau reappeared with a knapsack full of purloined items. Following his arrest, the Brantford man was charge with multiple counts of break, enter, and theft, one count of break and enter with intent, one count of possession of break-in instruments, and a single count for possession of stolen property.

Brantford isn’t a Town Known for Crime

Ambdeau’s crime spree is unusual for the Canadian city of just over 90,000 people. In 2013, there were less than 100 cases of breaking and entering into private residences, no murders, and only 24 cases of driving while impaired. In other words, Brantford isn’t really a town known for its seedy streets and people afraid to go out at night. It may be a city of tens of thousands, but for many residents, it’s the definition of small-town-safe.

Still, Residents Remain Worried About Protecting Their Homes

Even if this rash of home invasions is out of the ordinary, that isn’t keeping Brantford residents from wondering what they can do to step up home security. Really, answering that question comes down to two possible answers. For the handy homeowner, installing deadbolts on entryway doors means bumping security way up, as deadbolts cannot be picked. Instead, any criminal looking to gain entry would have to use a crow bar or otherwise apply brute force to break through a door that is secured in this fashion.

“Even if you live somewhere with a low crime rate, you can never be sure that this type of thing won’t happen to you,” explains Vlad, Owner of Direct Locksmith. “It is important to make sure that your home is secure no matter where you live.”

The best option for most is to simply contact their local association of locksmiths to find a reliable professional who has experience in securing homes. Doubtlessly, the Association of Ontario Locksmiths’ (TAOL) phone will be ringing off the hook for the next few weeks as Brantford residents rush to protect their homes from others following Mr. Ambdeau’s spree. Groups like the TAOL have strict ethics and by-laws governing their members, meaning anyone they recommend will be the creme de la creme of the region.

Any security professionals out there? What advice would you give homeowners on improving their home security? Sound off in the comments below!