Miami Radio Host Fires Potshot at LeBron James in His Hometown

lebron“You’re Welcome, LeBron,” it says at the top. Besides two enormous NBA World Championship rings, it continues, “Love, Miami.”

Though paid for by a Miami sports radio host, the scathingly saracastic billboard sits in Akron, Ohio, hometown of controversial star LeBron James.

“We’re telling him, ‘you’re welcome,’ because he hasn’t said thank you to Miami,” said Gonzalo “Papi” Le Batard, host of “The Dan Le Batard Show.”

In his personal vendetta against the super star athlete, Le Batard even tried to have the billboard’s ad printed in Akron’s papers, but Ohio newspaper editors refused to run it.

Le Batard has also said that the billboard should not be taken seriously, that the whole thing is just a “publicity stunt.”

James originally played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but left to go to the Miami Heat in 2010, where he went on to become a four-time NBA MVP. He recently opted out of his contract, and spent a few weeks as a free agent before at last announcing his return to the Cavaliers.

In a Sports Illustrated essay, James explained that his decision to leave Miami was the result of what he felt was a calling to become more than just a champion. He felt he was supposed to become a leader.

James also said that he always knew he’d return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he was never sure when.